Ballstuck IC

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Ballstuck IC

Post by sournote103 on Thu Aug 08, 2013 10:06 pm

Several young Pokémon stand in their bedrooms. It just so happens that today, the 8th of August, may or may not be one of their birthdays, probably a significant one that might indicate the onset of adulthood. Despite this, it is only today that they will receive names!
What will the names of these young Pokémon be?


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Re: Ballstuck IC

Post by tailoredGoose on Fri Aug 09, 2013 9:34 am

Your name is Banyu, and you are an zorua. It just so happens you have some interests! These interests include mostly sleeping and talking to your chums. But you are an adventurer! When you aren't talking to your friends you are wandering caves and exploring. In fact, you have found something interesting while exploring! You have to pester one of your chums about it...
What will you do?
==>Banyu: Pester Chum about discovery.

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Re: Ballstuck IC

Post by tailoredGoose on Fri Aug 09, 2013 10:46 am

==>Banyu: Pester Chum about discovery
You bring out your teblat(at least thats what it said it was) and open up pesterchum. Oh, looks like Glitch is online!
totallyGeneric(TG) started pestering chestnutGladiator(CG)
TG: Hi Glitch!
CG: Oh hey Banyu
CG: What is it?
TG: I found this game!
TG: I thought you might like to play
CG: ........what game
CG: What is it about
TG: It's called....S...Sburp?
TG: I don't know really
CG: Sburp does it have something to do with burping
TG: No wait it's Sburb! The cover is a little dusty and worn
TG: but the disc is fine!
CG: Really???? Hmmmm wait how am i gonna play it then do you have an extra or something
TG: Extra isn't a problem! I have 11 extras!
CG: oh
CG: Well that's useful
TG: I thought we could tell everyone and have them play too! It seems to be multiplayer :03
CG: Fine by me! I just hope I don't end up breaking the game or something what with my name and all
TG: :0< You better not break it
CG: what if i do
CG: What are you gonna do about it huh???
TG: Then I come over there
TG: and ninja you
TG: >:03
CG: what noooo your dont hurt me with your ultra ninja powers anything but that
TG: It's fine! just pester everyone else, ok?
totallyGeneric(TG) ceased pestering chestnutGladiator(CG)

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Re: Ballstuck IC

Post by OverlordJ on Fri Aug 09, 2013 11:57 am

Your name is CYANO and you’re a shiny Gengar. You spend most of your time near your home, helping your parents with the GRAVEYARD or being on your computer. You live in a house on said graveyard, together with your parents and sister. You don’t have much of a social life outside the computer because of that. You are also, as already said, a shiny, which means you are special, like a PRINCE. To justify that, you spend quite some time training, making you pretty strong. It also explains why you’re already fully evolved. You have also trained to be able to use the GRAVESTONES that you have on the graveyard as WEAPONS, which is a bit unusual for a Pokemon, since most only use their attacks. You used to have many hobbies but you have no interest in most of them anymore, since you consider them to be to childish. However, you still play your flute, because you need it for your JINGLE FETCHMODUS. However, trying to be grownup and special is starting to make you feel down. You sometimes think that being shiny is more of a curse then a gift, DOOMING you to be special.

Your chumhandle is grinningTerror and you don’t really have a typing quirk, except for your odd laugh and your favourite smilies. Shashashashasha >:D

You are going to play a game with some other Pokemons soon, but you don’t know that yet. So for now...

What will you do?


Hey, looks like someone is messaging you

-- totallyGeneric [TG] began pestering grinningTerror [GT] --
TG: Hey, how are you?
GT: Oh, hey
GT: I'm fine I guess?
GT: How are you?
TG: I managed to get 12 discs wile adventuring, so i'd say pretty good
GT: Discs?
GT: You mean like TMs?
TG: yes discs. But not like TMs.
TG: More like music disks I guess?
GT: Huh, that's odd...
GT: What kind of music is it?
TG: Not music by the looks of it. They seem to be a game, so i'm asking around if people want to play...
TG: Do you want to play?
GT: A game? Sure
GT: Is it with multiplayer?
TG: Great! It is :03
GT: Heh, don't get to happy
TG: Glitch is messaging around to see if anyone else wants to join.
TG: and sorry! Habit
GT: Glitch?
TG: Glitch is one of my friends.
GT: I don't like Glitch, he's always to happy >:I
TG: Well sorry mr I hate happy but its a team effort
GT: Pfft, whatever
TG: and we NEED 12
GT: Fine
TG: just message around ok?
GT: Hmm, maybe I could ask someone, too?
GT: Oh, alright
TG: bye then!
GT: I just have an idea who I might ask >:D
GT: Bye >:D
-- totallyGeneric [TG] ceased pestering grinningTerror [GT] --

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Re: Ballstuck IC

Post by sournote103 on Fri Aug 09, 2013 12:39 pm

Your name is ISAAC, and you are a CLOWN. Not a juggalo, because they are shitty fake clowns, but a real circus clown. Aside from being a clown, you have a number of interests- okay, no, that's a lie, you really don't, but you do play video games sometimes. Also, you talk to your friends online. But other than that, being a clown is a 24-7 gig! When you're not performing, you can always be practicing! Your chumhandle is gleefulAntic and you *often get VERY EXCITED!!!*

>Pester some chums
AC: Hiya!
GA: Hiya! =oD
AC: What's up my clown compadre?
GA: Just practicing my act! What about you???
AC: Well.... I probably shouldn't get your hopes up, seeing as I may not even get to play, but I wanted to tell you about a game that I might be playing with Glitch and Banyu!
GA: Ooh! A *GAME!?* Neat! =o3
AC: Yeah! Hopefully my new teacher will be playing too!
GA: Hee hee! Games are always fun!
AC: Really I'm not too sure if Banyu already chose people to play, but I hope you could play. :D
GA: I'd love to if I can! =oD
AC: I'm still waiting for Glitch to contact her though.
AC: You know Glitch and Banyu right?

GA: Okay! Let me know when you hear something! I'd *LOVE* to play if I could get the chance!
AC: I will!
GA: Thankies! =oD
AC: Bye!!!!
GA: Bye!

GA: Hi! =oD
AA: hey! it's good to see you taking a break from work :3
GA: Heehee, well it's not my fault that being a clown takes practice! =oP
GA: So anyway I heard about this neat game that some people are playing called... sburb, I think?
GA: Have you heard anything about that?

AA: oh no, not yet, where did you hear about it?
GA: AC told me about it!
GA: I don't know a lot about it yet =o(

AA: ooooh I love games, I hope we can play too!! :3
GA: I know! It sounds *SO FUN!* =o3
AA: how many people can play?
GA: I don't know. Hopefully a lot! If there are more people, it will be more fun! =oD
AA: exactly!! It'd be great to play as team
GA: *YES!* I *LOVE* team games!
GA: Apparently CG and TG know a bit more about the game, so maybe we should talk to them about it???

AA: sounds like a good idea, I'm going to pester TG and see if she has any more info!
GA: Okay! I guess I'll talk to CG then! =o3

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Re: Ballstuck IC

Post by Rozewolf on Fri Aug 09, 2013 1:25 pm

Your name is Asha and you are a very excited Shinx. You are often very excited but today you are especially excited because you just learned about a new game that you might be able to play with your friends. You were told about it by your clown friend, not a juggalo friend because they are shitty fake clowns, but an ACTUAL clown friend.

When you aren't pestering your chums your busy attempting to create the world’s next piece of ground-breaking art or tending to the garden of the estate you were found in. Your chumhandle is attentiveArgent and you tend to talk in a carefree, easy sorta way.

You have some chores that need doing but that can wait for now, it's time to pester TG and get the facts on this game action.

>pester TG

AA: hello!
TG: Hi?
TG: I'm guessing glitch contacted you :0)

AA: sorry I'm a friend of GA
TG: Oh it's ok!
AA: he said something about a game
TG: Yes!
TG: I have a game :03
TG: Are you interested?

AA: and I was wondering if I might be able to play as well!! :3
TG: Of course! The more the merrier!
AA: I'd be a really good team player!!
TG: Great to hear :03
AA: I'm curious though...what is this game?
TG: From what i've gathered it seems to be a apocalypse simulator
TG: fun huh?

AA: oooh interesting!!
TG: Yes! Do you know glitch? I'm trusting him to deliver these :0)
AA: not yet but I'll be sure to introduce myself
TG: Alright! His tag is chestnutGladiator :0D
AA: great!! I'll leave you to it then, thanks for the info and hopefully we can play soon :3
TG: me too!

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Re: Ballstuck IC

Post by Spark Eletran on Fri Aug 09, 2013 6:46 pm

>Be the "Glitch" person.

Your name is GLITCH. You're a CHESPIN, the spiny nut Pokémon. You have a RELATIVELY UNCOMMON SQUARE on your forehead, the origin of your name due to its glitch-like nature. You live at a treehouse with your brother, ASHURA, though you're fond of TRAVELING AROUND, an habit that has made you many friends. You have a fascination for KNIGHTS and SWORDS, and not only do you have an imitation HONEDGE sword, but you also MAGICALLY managed to get a blacksmith, SCOVILLE, to make a gauntlet for you. Right now you have just pestered a friend, BANYU the OSHAWOTT, who told you about the game copies she found and asked you to invite people to play with you two, probably because of the many FRIENDS you have made: You need at least TEN other people. Man, you're nearly OUT OF BREATH because of how excited you are to play that game.

What will you do?

>Pester blacksmith about the game.

You do just that.

-- chestnutGladiator [CG] began pestering abscondingGauntlet [AG]--
CG: Hey!
-- abscondingGauntlet [AG] is now an idle chum! -- 
CG: ...please?
CG: C'mon I know you're there >:c
AG: Hello!
AG: This is Scoville's Smithery, how may I help you today?
CG: why is the smithery talking to me D:
CG: go away creepy talking smithery *hides* :c
AG: This is actually Scoville's forgehand, Tyrogue. Can I help you?
AG: Please, there's nothing to be alarmed about.
CG: Oh
CG: why are you a smithery tyrogue
AG: My master is busy working on a very important request right now.
CG: Oooh, what is it?
AG: Do you know the Grumpig who lives in that huge mansion?
CG: ...Maybe???
AG: He's asked Scoville to fashion him a diadem for his gemstone!
AG: And he's paying very handsomely, too.
CG: Oh
AG: I should know, seeing as I manage his accounts.
AG: It sure seems like I do a lot of the work around here.
AG: Anyways, I should ask who's calling.
CG: I'm Glitch!
AG: What would you like today?
CG: I just wanted to talk to Scoville really
AG: As I mentioned my master is very busy but I could put you on a request list.
AG: Oh, you want to talk to him?
AG: Hold on one minute, I'll go fetch him.
CG: Okay! c:
AG: Hey, Scoville here.
AG: Sorry if Tyrogue talked your ear off, he tends to do that.
CG: I noticed
AG: Now I'd like you to state your request and leave, I've got a lot on my plate.
CG: So yeah, hey Scoville! How are you? c:
CG: what what request what
AG: Uh, who is this again? I'm really bad with names.
AG: Or, uh, chumhandles.
CG: Glitch!
AG: Glitch?
AG: ...It sounds vaguely familiar.
AG: Have I met you before? Did you buy something from me?
CG: D:
CG: cmon really
AG: Oh! Glitch the Chespin! You bought my finest gauntlet, right?
CG: Yeah!
AG: You really were smitten with that thing. I bet it's on your right hand right now.
CG: .....maybe
AG: So what's up?
CG: Nothing special, really. Though Banyu mentioned something about a game to me some time ago, so I was wondering if maybe you'd like to play too!
AG: Games? Pah, I've got no time for games.
AG: Busy busy busy, day in, day out.
AG: Is that all you wanted?
CG: .......well...... ....I guess
AG: Hm. Well, I'm going to get back to my forging now, unless there's anything else. Maybe you wanted to buy a shield or something?
AG: I've got quite a few on display right now. You could come by and choose any you like.
CG: Nah...
AG: Well, if you say so.
AG: I'll see you later Glitch!
CG: See you
-- abscondingGauntlet [AG] ceased pestering chestnutGladiator [CG] --
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Re: Ballstuck IC

Post by Sandstriker on Fri Aug 09, 2013 9:11 pm

> Be the Sandshrew

Your name is Tobias. As previously stated, you are a sandshrew. You have quite a yearning to learn, much to your older brother's disapproval, who would rather have you learn to fight instead of "Waste your time on such frivolous activities that will get you no where." You think he's just jealous. You've gone through teacher after teacher soaking in information, because it's just too hard to just choose one job when you could do SO MANY! You have also met a few friends while learning, or even going to buy more supplies.

Speaking of friends, your friend Glitch just told you about a sweet game that your hoping to play with him and Banyu.  Well... After you finish packing. Or when your in your new apprenticeship. You start to remember your conversations that you had that got you here.

-- artisansClaw [AC] began messaging chestnutGladiator [CG]  --
AC: Hiya Glitch!
CG: Oh, hey!
CG: How are you? oOo
AC: Really good!
AC: Even better now that I finally got to a computer.
CG: Hahah, cool!
AC: What's been going on?
CG: Well
CG: You see... I talked to Banyu
CG: just like a bit ago
AC: What did she say???
CG: She said something about some game
CG: And like, 12 copies
CG: And asked if I wanted to play
AC: Oooooo.
AC: Can I play too?
AC: It would probably help my gaming skillz.
CG: Then I went to ask Scoville, you know Scoville right?
AC: Scoville....
AC: Nope.
AC: Don't think so.\
CG: He's sort of a friend of mine, he also made my gauntlet thingity!
CG: I asked if he wanted to play but apparently he's too busy :c
AC: That's a shame.
AC: I would have loved to meet him, even if it would just have been an online game.
CG: Yeah.... Well, I guess I can tell Banyu that you wanna play too
AC: Very Happy
AC: Thanks!
CG: I dunno if you will, though.
CG: Maybe she doesn't want you to play the game with us! Who knows.... *derpy smile*
AC: Aw... I'm sure she would let me.
CG: I'm not so sure... *headbob*
AC: Unless she already invited 10 others...
CG: Maybe she has!
AC: I'm starting to think you don't want me to play....
CG: But then again, I'm not sure if she wants to play with 12 people either, just that she has 12 copies....
CG: Hahah, just kidding!
CG: I'm sure Banyu's gonna let you play.
AC: Oh, ok!
AC: Yes!!!!
AC: Oh...
CG: Though I'm still sad Scoville won't get to join us :c
AC: I think I should contact this Scoville.
AC: And see if i can convince him.
CG: Maybe!
AC: :0
CG: He's abscondingGauntlet. Not sure why the name, but it sounds kinda cool, heheh! c:
AC: Maybe he can teach me how to be a metal worker!
AC: That would be awesome!
CG: Maybe! Though he's apparently really busy lately????
AC: I'm going to talk to Scoville.
-- artisansClaw [AC] stopped messaging chestnutGladiator [CG] --

-- artisansClaw [AC] began pestering abscondingGauntlet [AG]  --
AC: Scoville?
AC: ...
-- abscondingGauntlet [AG] is now an idle chum! --
AC: I guess he really is busy.
AC: :/
AC: Um... Contact me when your less busy please! I need to talk to you!
AC: I'm Glitch's friend BTW. Tobias!
AG: Hello!
AC: Oh hi!
AG: This is Scoville's Smithery, how may I help you today?
AG: I apologize for making you wait, I was busy tending the bellows.
AC: I wanted to see if you would like to play a game!
AC: I know you already said no...
AG: A game?
AC: But I thought I may help convince you other wise!
AG: Oh, you must be talking about Scoville!
AC: Yes.
AG: He was offered to play a game earlier.
AC: This is Scoville right?
AG: No, this is his forgehand, Tyrogue!
AC: Why hello Tyrogue!
AG: I sort of answer all his calls while he's busy.
AC: What's it like helping in the forge?
AG: Very hot.
AG: Very, very hot.
AC: I'm thinking about getting an apprenticeship there one day. Very Happy
AG: Really!
AC: Yep!
AG: I'll put in a good word for you then!
AC: It would be a great skill to learn!
AG: You said your name was Tobias?
AC: Yes!
AG: Would you like to talk to Scoville about this?
AC: Oh yes please!
AG: Let me go get him...
AC: Thank you sir!
AG: This is Scoville. I understand you want to apprentice under me?
AC: Oh yes!
AC: I would love to!
AC: I want to learn the ways of the forge!
AG: Fantastic! To be honest I'm not sure Tyrogue was up to the job anyways. You'll be replacing him next week!
AG: How does that sound?
AC: No!!!!! I don't want to get someone fired. D:
AC: That would be horribleZ!
AG: It's fine, he's fairly incompetent. You'll be doing everyone a favor!
AG: Now, I'd like a list of your skills and past apprenticeships, if you have any.
AC: Oh! You have a bit?
AG: Of time, you mean? Well, I'm always searching for capable help.
AC: I've been a judge, lawyer, learned a bit of medicine a few years back, amatuer gamer, DJ, Boy Scout, sometimes I preach for my local church of Arceus...
AG: Wow! That's quite a list! What makes you think you'll do well here? It's backbreaking work, let me tell you.
AC: Well... To be honest.
AC: I just want another thing on my resume.
AC: I'm trying to be the very best.
AC: Like no one ever was.
AG: That's understandable. And a noble goal, too.
AC: I want to learn it all!
AC: Be the jack of all trades!
AG: Yes, yes. I appreciate your enthusiasm!
AG: When would you like to start?
AC: Hm... Would next week do?
AC: I would have to find transportation over there...
AG: Sure! That'll give me enough time to break the news to Tyrogue.
AC: Ok.
AC: Hey...
AC: I almost forgot!
AG: Don't get me wrong, he's a very capable forgehand, and I'm sure he'll do well in other places...
AG: Yes?
AC: Would you like to play a game with us?
AG: Would this be the same game I heard about earlier today?
AC: Glitch is upset that you couldn't play.
AC: Oh, yes!
AC: It is!
AG: Yep, I thought so.
AC: Pleeeeease?
AG: Well, I'll be sure to let you know when I have time to play games,
AC: Ok! Very Happy
AG: But as I told him, right now I'm working on the most important job of my smithing life!
AG: I'm sure you understand.
AC: I do.
AC: So, what are you making?
AG: It's a diadem!
AG: For a very rich Grumpig who lives in town
AC: Fancy!
AG: He's apparently heard that I forge the best jewelry in the area!
AG: I understand he's looking to show it off at an exposition of his.
AG: All the rich Pokemon around here will be there!
AC: It is going to be a honor to work with you!
AG: I'm looking forward to it!
AG: I'll see you next week Tobias!
AC: Bye!
-- abscondingGauntlet [AG] ceased pestering artisansClaw [AC] --

-- artisansClaw [AC] began messaging chestnutGladiator [CG] --
CG: Oh, heya!
AC: Well I didn't fully convince him.
CG: How did it go?
CG: Oh...
AC: But I did get the job!
CG: Oh, cool!
AC: And he said he will tell me when he will have the time to play.
CG: Awesome
AC: Yep!
AC: Hopefully this will all work out schedual wise.
CG: Yeah.
AC: Until then, I have to pack!
CG: I wonder who the rest could it be...
CG: I mean
CG: Who else is gonna play
CG: You know! *Looks to the side*
AC: Maybe I could check some of my friends.
CG: Maybe!
CG: We should tell Banyu about these people though.
CG: And... you.
CG: She probably thinks it's still just me and her playing.
AC: Oh... Yeah. :I
CG: We should be quick or else she might find other people.
CG: And then there wouldn't be space for you and Scoville D:
AC: Hm. Well I could try and contact some of my friends if we end up having more room. But right now I really need to pack for next week
CG: Okay!
AC: Buh bye!
-- artisansClaw [AC] stopped messaging chestnutGladiator [CG]  --

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Re: Ballstuck IC

Post by Spark Eletran on Sat Aug 10, 2013 12:37 am

>Glitch: Pester blacksmith again.

What? You would never do that! It has become very clear that Scoville will only play if he finds time to do so. And with his diadem and everything, that might not happen very soon... You should probably think of other-- OH NEVERMIND LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE'S PESTERING YOU

-- abscondingGauntlet [AG] began pestering chestnutGladiator [CG] --

AG: Glitch?

CG: Yep?

AG: Hey, I know we barely know each other,

AG: But I really need someone to talk to.

CG: Okay.

CG: What is it?

AG: Can I tell you something? Will you keep it secret?

CG: Yep!

AG: Alright, good.

AG: It's about Tyrogue.

CG: ....Okay.

CG: oOo

AG: I just told him that I was going to hire Tobias as his replacement.

AG: But then...

AG: He sort of flipped out.

CG: ...That's not good is it?

AG: And... the forge was right behind him...

AG: And he came at me...

AG: And I pushed him...

AG: It was self-defense Glitch, you have to understand!

AG: I'm not crazy, I...

CG: ....Huh...

AG: Tyrogue is dead, Glitch. He burned to death.

CG: I... think I get it.

AG: And... I feel so horrible...

AG: Am I a monster Glitch?

AG: This is the second person I've killed now...

CG: .....I... *nervous*

AG: Please, Glitch. I need help.

AG: I think...

AG: I think I need someone to tell me I'm not to blame.

CG: ...I... Don't know... but... .....I don't think you are?

AG: He came at me! He was going to kill me!

AG: Do you think

AG: Do you think his death is on my hands?

AG: Arceus, I... I wish this never happened.

AG: Glitch...

AG: Are you still there?

AG: Please don't tell the police. I want to bury him.

CG: ....well... if it was on self-defence... I guess it's not your fault.

AG: Thank you Glitch.

CG: I...

CG: ....I think you should probably bury him. I won't tell anyone!

AG: Thank you for letting me tell you all this.

AG: Oh, and one other thing.

CG: Huh?

AG: Before he came at me...

AG: He broke the diadem.

AG: The one I was working on.

CG: ...Oh, right.

AG: It'll take me weeks to get that repaired... I think I'm going to have to cancel that job.

AG: I think I need to take my mind off it.

CG: But... Wouldn't the guy like pay a lot?

AG: Yeah, and that's why this is so awful! But there's a deadline.

AG: He was going to wear it at his exposition, he won't accept it any later.

AG: I can't just go in and haggle him! He could buy and sell me!

CG: Oh... ...And the game?

AG: That's where I was going with this.

AG: I think... to take my mind off of what happened,

AG: I'll play the game with you.

AG: And Tobias, and that Banyu you mentioned.

CG: Good!

CG: I've got a good feeling about this game.

AG: There... I'm glad I got all that off my chest.

AG: I feel a lot better now.

CG: Yeah!

CG: Banyu found 12 copies.

AG: 12? She just found them?

AG: Weird.

CG: And we're four... Now we need 8 more!

AG: Oh. Well unfortunately, I don't know anyone myself...

CG: Yeah. I don't remember it very well, I just know she pestered me randomly and told me about it.

AG: Huh. Well, good luck finding eight other people who all want to play a game. I'll do the same.

CG: Though we need to tell her that you and Tobias are playing too... She probably still thinks it's just me and her! D:

AG: Oh, right! Do you want me to talk to her? What's her chumhandle?

CG: She's... totallyGeneric.

CG: Yeah, the name's kinda funny!

AG: Weird.

AG: Well okay, if she's a friend of yours.

AG: Thanks again Glitch, for everything.

CG: Yep!

AG: Friends?

CG: Friends. c:

-- abscondingGauntlet [AG] ceased pestering chestnutGladiator [CG] --

...You should probably go tell Banyu already about all the people you've go-- Oh wait seems like someone ELSE is pestering you again. You could probably ask her to join...
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Re: Ballstuck IC

Post by Xaber on Sat Aug 10, 2013 1:16 am

==> Be the someone ELSE

Your name is Elegial. You are a Meditite. You live in a cave in the middle of a freezing wasteland in the mountains. A blizzard is screaming outside. Inside, your cave is scattered with some objects indicative of your interests, which we will now examine.

You have a love of mathematics in any form, especially those that provide real-world applications, such as the wondrous world of stat calculation. This interest was sparked by a book you possess called "EV Training for Dummies", which provided untold secrets of the mystic world of effort values.
You are dedicated to the ideal of strength, both mentally and physically, which is augmented by your frequent training against the ferocious Pokemon living elsewhere in the mountains. You ensure that you only train against those that give you the greatest benefit to your abilities.
You also often surf the internet and talk with others, using a strange computer you found in the cave. It appears to need neither a connection to the internet nor power to function. While you're not the most social person, you've got a few friends here and there.

Your handle is causalitysAscendance and you prefer to speak in an aloof manner.

What will you do?

> Pester somebody.

Since you have little else to do while the conditions outside are this bad, you decide to pester somebody.

Hm. It seems only Glitch is on. He can be a bit too enthusiastic sometimes, but he's alright. You send him a message.

-- causalitysAscendance [CA] began pestering chestnutGladiator [CG] at --
CA: hello, Glitch
CG: Oh, heya!
CA: how are you?
CG: I'm good. c:
CG: Did anyone tell you about the game?

CA: the game?
CA: i know not of it

CG: Yeah!
CA: what kind of game is it?
CG: Banyu found 12 copies of a game! oOo
CG: I dont know
CG: She just told me she found them

CA: banyu? that's... the oshawott, correct?
CG: and asked if I wanted to play with her
CG: Yep! Banyu the Oshawott, from the beach.

CA: ok.
CG: So then she asked me to get more people to join! c:
CG: So wanna play?
CG: As far as I know, we've got 4 people up to now!

CA: i guess so
CA: it's not like i have anything else planned

CG: Cool! : D
CA: how many players are there likely to be?
CG: Well... Twelve I guess? *Ponders*
CG: I mean, she found twelve copies
CG: So she probably wants to play with 12 people

CA: who's playing right now?
CA: out of the 4 there already are

CG: As far as I know, there's Banyu, me...
CG: ...Scoville, Tobias...

CA: Scoville?
CG: ...And maybe other people these three asked to join!
CG: Yeah.
CG: A blacksmith! He made my gauntlet. c:

CA: ok
CA: how do i play this game?
CA: do i need a disk, or...

CG: I'm not sure. We gotta set it all up I think!
CG: Banyu's got all the disks.
CG: So I guess when we get enough players... We're just gonna find a way to give everybody a copy!

CA: ok
CA: do you want me to invite anybody else?

CG: Invite as many people as you can!
CA: ok
CA: i will check around

CG: Kay, thanks! c:
CA: i should probably go now
CA: goodbye, glitch

CG: Okay, see ya!
-- causalitysAscendance [CA] ceased pestering chestnutGladiator [CG] --

You remain seated, pondering and waiting, as the viewpoint moves to somebody else.

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Re: Ballstuck IC

Post by variegatedDreamraptor on Sat Aug 10, 2013 8:51 pm

In a dark and desolate abandoned shed, two quivering bidigitate hands tap furiously behind numerous dusty crates...

Show Pesterlog:
[11:45] -- popPostulator [PP] began pestering chestnutGladiator [CG] at 11:45 --
[11:45] CG: ?
[11:45] PP: hello good sir. you wouldn't happen to know of any good places to hide, would you?
[11:45] CG: nope
[11:45] PP: you're sure
[11:46] PP: i'm really sacared right now!! i'm just a small, powerless pidgey and i have nowhere to go!
[11:46] PP: *scared
[11:48] CG: Scared of what? oOo
[11:50] PP: there's a terrible seviper after me and my family and he's been after us for a long time. we never did anything! but he just keeps chasing us wherever we go. we've only recently managed to elude him by splitting up, but i don't think even that's going to work for long.
[11:51] PP: i need somewhere to hide where he'd never think to look.
[11:51] CG: Well... Hmm... *think think*
[11:52] CG: ....I don't know... Why don't you go to the nearby town and ask for protection there?
[11:53] PP: what's the name of it?
[11:53] CG: Of what? The town?
[11:53] PP: yes, the town.
[11:54] CG: I don't even remember... I've been to so many places I sometimes have trouble remembering what is what. I just know there's a town nearby!
[11:54] PP: that's not much help. Sad
[11:55] CG: Sorry D:
[11:55] PP: well, i guess you tried. thank you.
[11:56] -- popPostulator [PP] ceased pestering chestnutGladiator [CG] at 11:56 --

Show Pesterlog:
[12:02] -- popPostulator [PP] began pestering gleefulAntic [GA] at 12:02 --
[12:03] PP: hi there! you wouldn't happen to know of a place where i could hide whre no one would find me, would you?
[12:03] PP: there's this awful seviper after me and my family and i have nowhere to go.
[12:04] GA: Well that's not good!
[12:04] PP: i'm just a small and powerless pidgey and if he found me, it would surely be the end of me!
[12:05] GA: I wish I could help somehow!
[12:05] PP: do you know anywhere i could go where i'd be safe??
[12:05] GA: I can't really think of anywhere! Sorry!
[12:06] PP: oh. Sad
[12:06] PP: well, thanks anyway.
[12:06] -- popPostulator [PP] ceased pestering gleefulAntic [GA] at 12:06 --

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Re: Ballstuck IC

Post by tailoredGoose on Sun Aug 11, 2013 1:08 am

Meanwhile at the beach...

While you're sorting this whole situation out, you think it might be a good idea to pester Glitch.
Show Pesterlog:

totallyGeneric]TG] started pestering chestnutGladiator]CG]
TG: Hia Glitch!! Any luck?
CG: Oh, hey Banyu! And yep.
CG: Scoville, Elegial and Tobias all said they're gonna play!
CG: Did you talk with anybody else about it?

TG: Awesome! I managed to convince cyano to join ^_^
CG: Oh, Cyano? Cool!
CG: Anybody else?

TG: No, but I have a question :03
CG: Huh? What is it?
CG: oOo

TG: Can you deliver all of these to everyone? I don't want to be a bother but I don't know everyone :0<
CG: Oh... No problem!
CG: I was about to ask how were we gonna give the copies to everyone anyways.

TG: Thanks Glitch! Now I have to get all these set up, so bye!
CG: Okay, see ya!
totallyGeneric]TG] ceased pestering chestnutGladiator]CG]

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Re: Ballstuck IC

Post by OverlordJ on Sun Aug 11, 2013 8:24 am

>GT: Contact some people to play

Well, after you talked to cA recently, Elegial is of course the first to come to mind. You try to pester her right away

-- grinningTerror [GT] began pestering causalitysAscendance [CA] at --
GT: Hey, Elegial, you there?
CA: yes
CA: as usual
GT: Awesome, I got something to talk to you about
CA: what?
GT: Banyu found a game, do you want to play?
CA: oh
CA: this
CA: glitch already told me about the game
CA: im playing
GT: Damn it, I wanted to tell you
GT: Stupid Glitch
GT: But hey, awesome
CA: do you know what kind of game it is?
GT: That means we'll play together
GT: Not really
CA: glitch was fairly vague on the subject
GT: All I know is that it's multiplayer I think
CA: i would hope so
GT: I think Banyu doesn't know what the game is
CA: otherwise there's not much point in him telling everybody to play
GT: I mean, she just found them somewhere
CA: yes
GT: I would guess neither of them played it yet
GT: And if there weren't any instructions, well...
GT: Eh, it doesn't matter, I'm excited that we'll both be playing this game
CA: yes
GT: It's going to be fun >:D
CA: im sure it will
GT: Do you know who else is going to play?
CA: glitch said he, banyu, tobias, and somebody called "scoville" were playing
CA: there's probably a few others
GT: Well, Banyu said something about 12 players I think...
CA: she has 12 copies of the game, i believe
CA: i dont know if well get that many players
GT: Yeah, I don't know either
GT: But I guess I'll see if there are any other people who want to play
CA: ill be doing the same, i suppose
GT: Well, good luck finding people then
CA: you too
GT: I guess I'll talk to you later?
CA: definitely
CA: sounds good
GT: Alright, till then >:D
CA: till then
-- grinningTerror [GT] ceased pestering causalitysAscendance [CA] --

Well, so much for that. Stupid Glitch. But at least she'll be playing.

Who else could you contact...

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Re: Ballstuck IC

Post by phantasmalDexterity on Mon Aug 12, 2013 12:14 pm

> Be the weasel guy.

Your name is HARTWELL H. O. and you currently have nothing to do. Though you don't know yet but you're about to play a GAME with your friends that's going to TURN YOUR LIFE UPSIDE DOWN. Which is a good thing thing, because PLAYING GAMES is among your VARIOUS INTERESTS, which is even better with FRIENDS. Thanks to your sister you had a pretty NICE CHILDHOOD but you still feel like your life so far has been a BOOK FULL OF BLANK PAGES. Therefore you like daydreaming about ADVENTURES but the only adventurous thing you had the chance to experience was BOATING IN THE BACKYARD LAKE IN THE MOONLIGHT. You also like READING and DRAWING though you're pretty terrible at that. You're currently using the ANAGRAM MODUS thanks to your sister but you don't mind since you're better with it than your previous one, PUN MODUS. Your Strife Specibus is set to the very deadly PILLOWKIND and WTRBALLOONKIND. You can be a bit OBLIVIOUS and RASH sometime but you believe that if you put your heart into it you can make the right decision.
What will you do?

> Water. Boat. Now.


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Re: Ballstuck IC

Post by Dregadude on Tue Aug 13, 2013 2:15 am

>Scoville: think about things for a while.

Yeah, you resolve to do just that. After all, you don't imagine people are going to be pestering you for a while. After all, besides Tobias, Glitch, and this Banyu person, you don't even know who's going to be playing this game with you!

For the first time since you moved into this new town you regret not actively striving to make friends. You don't know anyone around here! You're just as much an outsider as you were when you moved in. And that Torkoal, your old master, who taught you everything you know about smithing and then passed away in his sleep... He was the closest you had to a friend, and he could be incredibly demanding at times. His death took a while to accept, but recently you've begun to believe that you've gotten over it. And then this happens. That damned foolish Tyrogue.

It doesn't seem right that your first apprentice just burned to death in your own forge. No, it seems decidedly wrong. The first person you took under your wing, and he died on your watch. It almost makes you wonder if you're not ready Talking to Glitch helped though. You didn't expect it to help, but you feel a lot better now. It really wasn't your fault Tyrogue flipped out. There's really no way this could have been avoided.

Slowly you begin to feel better about the situation. Not exactly good, but at least closer to neutral. You walk over to your computer. To your surprise, you missed a message. Tyrogue would have answered that.

-- artisansClaw [AC] began pestering abscondingGauntlet [AG] at 03:28 --
AC: Scoville!!!
-- abscondingGauntlet [AG] is now an idle chum! --
AC: Oh...
-- artisansClaw [AC] ceased pestering abscondingGauntlet [AG] at 03:28 --

Darn, looks like you missed him. You guess you'll try contacting him instead, for what it's worth.

-- abscondingGauntlet [AG] began pestering artisansClaw [AC] at 03:30 --
AG: Hey, it's Scoville.
AC: Hi!!!!
AG: Sorry I missed you, I was...
AG: Yeah.
AC: I've found transportation over, so I'll be over sooner than expected!
AG: Have you talked to Glitch in a while?
AC: Oh, no.
AC: Not really.
AG: Alright. Um...
AG: I suppose he wouldn't have told you anyways.
AC: Told me what? :D
AG: About Tyrogue. I talked to him, and...
AC: Oh, did you give my position to someone else?
AG: No, you're still welcome to work here whenever you want.
AC: He didn't take it well, did he?
AG: Yeah, you could say that.
AC: I should probably tell him I'm sorry.
AG: But he's... gone now, and you're free to start.
AC: For stealing his job and stuff.
AG: I'm sure he understands.
AG: So when do you think you can start? I'm not going to be doing much today.
AC: Um... I'll be there tomorrow.
AG: Great. I'm looking forward to working with you.
AC: Ok, see you tomorrow then!
-- abscondingGauntlet [AG] ceased pestering artisansClaw [AC] at 03:34 --

Guess you'd better clean up the forge, in the meantime. Don't want Tobias to get here and see a blackened corpse in your forge. (After Tyrogue fell in, you turned off the forge as soon as you could, but the damage was already done.) You decide to go bury him immediately.

Anyways, wasn't that game going to start today?

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Re: Ballstuck IC

Post by variegatedDreamraptor on Fri Aug 23, 2013 4:43 pm

[00:59] -- popPostulator [PP] began pestering causalitysAscendance [CA] at 00:59 --
[01:00] PP: hello there my fine fellow. you wouldn't happen to know of anywhere i could hide where no one else would think to look, would you?
[01:00] CA: yes?
[01:00] CA: what are you hiding from?
[01:01] PP: this dreadful seviper is after me and my family, and i... i'm not sure i have anywhere left to go. i think i am not long for this world. ;_;
[01:02] CA: are there any zangoose nearby?
[01:02] CA: or steep slopes?
[01:02] PP: this one is extremely crafty. we've tried everything!!
[01:03] CA: where are you?
[01:03] CA: and who are you?
[01:03] CA: and how did you know to contact me?
[01:07] PP: i'm just a small, powrless pidgey, and my family and i are a great distance from home and any of our former friends. i've just been raking the user list of this chat program, hoping that maybe somewhere on it there would be a kind soul who could help us, but i have not found one.
[01:07] PP: and i am quickly running out of power.
[01:08] CA: seviper lacks defences and spped
[01:08] CA: surprise it, and strike while its guard is down
[01:08] CA: it will fin dit difficult to attack you if you stay in the air
[01:09] CA: you should be able to launch several hit-and-run attacks before it catches on
[01:10] PP: we have tried to fight it many times, but by now we grow tired.
[01:10] CA: then you are foolish
[01:10] CA: if you cannot escape it, you fight it until it ills you all
[01:10] CA: *kills
[01:10] CA: or until you kill it
[01:11] CA: there will be no other ending
[01:11] CA: if it truly wishes to destroy you as you say
[01:12] PP: then perhaps death is our only escape.
[01:12] PP: farewell cruel world.
[01:12] -- popPostulator [PP] ceased pestering causalitysAscendance [CA] at 01:12 --


This... is not going well.

Not going well at all. You snarl and spasm your wing digits inward in frustration.

You know that's not going to do any good whatsoever, but it does make you feel marginally better.


Having been in this shed for about two days and having contacted at least a couple ten perplexed Pokémon already, you feel like this paper-thin cover is about busted. In fact, you're not even entirely sure that nobody saw you sneak in here in the first place, or that the locals aren't already mounting an investigation into this area specifically to track you down. Or that these crates are ever going to stop smelling like badly-cooked onions. Actually, you're pretty sure of the opposite at this point, with regard to that last one.

Alone. Cornered. Wary. Hungry. Surrounded by burnt, rotten onions. This is a totally ideal state for the last hope of a once-great Flying-type clan, yep. The council would be laughing at you for this. And the others...? You don't even want to think about how they'd react.

Worst of all, you weren't even lying about being almost out of power. No, actually, worst of all, you almost have the urge to actually eat those horrifying, abominable onions.


Maybe you could just... you know... reach over into one of those crates and...



Whatever you do, you're not going to let it come to that. You may not be the most direct Pokémon on the planet, but you know you're better than that, at least. You have values. You have aspirations. You have standards.

You are not the kind of Pokémon who eats spoiled onions.

You are TAZNEHRU of the EASTERN RIDGE ARCHEOPS CLAN, and you don't simply give in and cower in a corner when things get bad. You go down fighting.

By which you mean carefully concealing yourself in a tree and preparing to shoot the next passerby if necessary.

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Re: Ballstuck IC

Post by Spark Eletran on Tue Oct 01, 2013 5:00 pm

> Glitch: Get ready to meet up with Banyu!

You go get everything you have, checking up on what you should take. Walking quietly to not warn your brother, you don't exactly need much... Maybe a few ORAN BERRIES, just in case. You captchalogue then with your ERROR MODUS.


Oh, yes, that! Another thing you can't forget to take. You reach over to your room in your relatively small tree house, taking a WOODEN SWORD with you and allocating it in your BLADEKIND STRIFE SPECIBUS. Despite their useful feature of not having to carry weapons around, you prefer to take it with you in the open, however. It gives you a bit of a KNIGHTLY look.


ALLLLL RIGHT!! ...Now that you think better about it, you should probably ask Banyu who you're gonna have to give the copies to, and where they live. Yeah, should keep that in mind.
Spark Eletran

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Re: Ballstuck IC

Post by phantasmalDexterity on Tue Oct 22, 2013 5:04 pm

> Hartwell: Just do something already!
Hartwell can't do something already because he has already done quite a lot of things.
> Don't get smart with me.
> Seriously though, just get on with the story.
Okay. I will do what I can then, but I can't guarantee that the others will do as well. But for now, just type "> Hartwell: Get back home."
> Hartwell: Get back home.

Okay. You are getting quite thirsty and the sky doesn't look too good either. You have no problem with rain but this looks more like one of those storms that happen in every few years or so. You know, the big one where the lake grows like to double it was before.
> Check your computer.
You got it! Oh. It looks some chums were trying to get in touch with you. It seems as you were too busy doing nothing boating around on the lake you missed them. You silly doofus you say to yourself.
It's seems one of the chums was Mister Cyano. Well, to tell the truth, you're kinda relieved you missed him. You don't have any problem with him, that's not why you're at ease. Though he can be a bit... unnerving. But you try to have an open mind. No, the reason you didn't want to talk to the dude was that a few weeks ago you may have told him an eansy tinsy tiny, well,khmm, lie, and well you're nervous that he might have found it out? Damn.
Anyway, let's see who else tried to reach you. Oh, it's Miss Elegial and she's still online! Oh boy, you should keep her waiting then.
-- causalitysAscendance [CA] began pestering trawlingAquaintance [TA] at 08:33 --
CA: hello
CA: how are you, hartwell?
CA: are you there?

TA: Oh, hi.
TA: Sorry, I was busy with stuff.
TA: I'm fine, thank you.

CA: its fine
TA: And how about you?
CA: im good, thanks
TA: I'm glad to hear that.
CA: do you have any matters to attend to over the next few days, or are you free?
TA: Oh no, I have aaall the time.
CA: if so, would you consider playing a game with myself, banyu, cyano, glitch and some others?
TA: Why?
TA: A game?

CA: yes
TA: That sounds mighty fine.
CA: a computer game
TA: Splendid.
CA: banyu found 12 copies somewhere
TA: That's awesome.
CA: and now she's trying to get enough people to play it
TA: Consider me in.
TA: Thanks for telling me.

CA: no problem
CA: ill tell glitch or banyu when i talk to them next

TA: I will talk to them as well soon.
CA: good
TA: But for now, I have to go and take care of something first.
CA: of course
TA: Nice talking to you.
CA: you too
-- causalitysAscendance [CA] ceased pestering trawlingAquaintance [TA][/color] at 09:18 --
Well, you guess you should just talk to Glitch then. Let's see. Oh, it looks like you're in luck, he is still onl...

Bloddy typical. Well, you guess you will just sit here and wait for him to get online. Well, looks like Hartwell is going to be boring for a while, go check on somebody else.
doubly wuut:
Don't be a pest.
Oh damn, would you look at that. The power just went out so Hartwell now can do absoluetly diddly squat.
> You're doing this on purpose, aren't you?
Go bee someone else.

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Re: Ballstuck IC

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